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Why Travel Insurance?

Why Travel Insurance?

  1. Your medical insurance will not always travel with you
  2. Group insurance does not always provide adequate coverage
  3. You can't always rely on your credit cards

Visitor to Canada

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Canada Super Visa

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Out of Province Travel

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International Students

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Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance are ideal if you are:

  • A Tourist, Non-resident of Canada or a visiting former Canadian resident.
  • Not insured or eligible for benefits under a Canadian government health insurance plan.
  • Recently arrived immigrants or returning Canadian residents may wait 3 months or more to receive government health coverage.

Why buy Visitor to Canada Insurance?

When travelling outside of your home country, your government health care plans might not travel with you. Medical care is expensive in Canada. If you need medical treatment while visiting the country, it could cost you a lot. The Canadian government doesn’t pay visitors’ medical expenses, and strongly recommends purchasing enough health insurance for your visit.

Recently, the Canadian government introduced a new visa system for the overseas parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens. This “Super Visa” is valid for ten years and will allow the visa-holder to visit Canada any number of times during this period, for up to two years at a time. One of the criteria for the Super Visa application is for the parent or grandparent to have, at least, $100,000 insurance coverage that lasts one year.

Why do you need travel insurance for a Super Visa?

  • Applicants for the Super Visa must provide evidence that they have Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one year for a minimum of $100, 000 coverage
  • It’s always a good idea to have travel insurance when you travel, because an unexpected medical emergency in a foreign country can cost thousands of dollars. A Manulife Financial Travel Insurance plan can help you save on these costs.
  • Travel insurance of any type is important and even mandatory in the case of Super Visa applicants. Purchasing Visitors to Canada plans is simple. In less than ten minutes, you can ensure that you parent or grandparent is properly covered when they arrive in Canada. If your loved one is planning on applying for the Super Visa, make sure to contact us for more information on the Visitors to Canada Plan.

Many of us Canadians take our healthcare for granted because most of what we require is covered by a government plan. However, did you know that our plans are highly limited the moment we step out of our home province? It is important to purchase travel insurance when planning a trip outside of our residence, even if it’s just to another province within Canada.

Emergency Medical Plan

  • USA Plan
  • Non-USA World Plan
    • Maximum liability of $10,000,000
    • Maximum period of coverage
      • From 15 days up to 89 years of age: 365 days
      • Anyone age 60+ must complete a mandatory medical questionnaire to determine rates/coverage

All Inclusive Plan

  • Up to $10 million in emergency hospital and medical care coverage
  • Trip cancellation and interruption coverage
  • 24/7 access to multi-lingual emergency assistance worldwide
  • ID fraud recovery to defray identity recovery expenses
  • The ability to return once to your home province or territory for up to 15 days on single-trip plans without cancelling your policy
  • Assistance with damaged, delayed or lost baggage

Are you an international student studying in Canada or a Canadian student studying full-time in another province or outside of Canada? Our government health plan may not cover all – or any – of you medical expenses when you are studying away from home. And while routine, basic medical services can add up quickly, emergency medical expenses can easily cost thousands of dollars. Further, most post-secondary school require that you have a medical insurance plan before classes begin.

The Canadian government recommends:

All international students studying in Canada should buy health insurance. Medical and dental treatment in Canada is expensive, and international students are often not eligible for provincial government health plans.