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Protect Your Biggest Investment - Yourself

As a dental professional, the greatest asset in your lifetime is yourself, due to your ability to earn a high income.

Career Path To Success

As a dental student, the time and money that has been invested in your education is definitely worth protecting with insurance. According to Statistics Canada, 22% of all Canadians, that is, approximately 6.2 million Canadians, had one or more disabilities in 2017. As a student, you still have a long and successful journey ahead of you so give yourself a peace of mind by protecting your professional endeavors and looking into the most suitable disability insurance option on the market for you!

Note: It is good to consider disability insurance during your status as a student as it can guarantee your insurability!


Canada Life offers a discount on disability insurance.

Disability Services Canada Life
Discount 20%


We can customize your disability policy based on your needs. Contact us to learn more about the best coverage for you.

As an associate, you are now self-employed. With a great earning potential ahead, you may start to think about planning your finances to pay off loans/ debts. Building a financial plan for your future development can help you determine whether buying a practice or starting up a practice is your best course of action.


Do you have an adequate amount of coverage during this stage of your career? With an increase in earning income, we will need to review your disability coverage to ensure you have proper coverage should there be a potential loss in your income due to illness or injury that prevents you from working.
Annually, we will help you exercise your future insurability options so you can increase your monthly benefit accordingly to match your income growth.


Many forms of critical illnesses can strike younger Canadians just as swiftly as those in their 50s and 60s.  Even younger people who have healthy lifestyles may have hereditary conditions that can come up or may be just on the horizon.
Critical Illness Insurance provides coverage in the form of a tax-free, lump-sum payment in the event a covered illness occurs. The payment can be used in any way seen fit, including to cover loss of income, to pay for nursing care, or to pay for out-of-country medical treatment.


Life insurance ensures your families’ financial necessities are well protected should an unforeseeable event occur. The premiums are guaranteed to remain the same for 10 or 20 years depending on your needs.
In the future, banks also require Life Insurance as collateral when applying for a line of credit for the established/ purchase of a practice.


Start to consider opening a RRSP or a TFSA for your savings.
Talk to us to find out which one is most suited for you.

After being an associate for several years at several practices, you may now consider becoming your own boss and owning a business. During this stage, you can either buy an established practice or start a new practice. Contact us for a full checklist of what to focus on and things to consider!


Business overhead expenses insurance offers to cover your business’ daily operating expenses should you become unable to work due to disability. This is different from your personal disability insurance coverage.


Through a company joint ownership, this critical illness policy will provide coverage for a sudden or temporary loss of the company’s key person which threatens the future of the company. This policy will help to mitigate the economic risk caused by a serious illness to this key person.
The cost of this insurance is shared with the company along with taxes and financial benefits.


Not only can life insurance help you to secure your line of credit, it can also provide wealth accumulation with a tax-advantaged savings component through a participating life insurance. Participating life insurance policies have the potential for earning policyholder dividends.


Working together with our partners, we offer competitive commercial insurance for your practice. Contact us today to obtain a quote.


Although Canada’s healthcare system gives access to doctors and emergency medical treatment, it does not provide coverage for everything. Some drug treatments can be very costly. A group benefits plan helps to ensure your employees and their family is well protected.


A Medical Benefit Trust is an employee benefit program combining features of a Health & Welfare Trust (HWT) and a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP). It is an arrangement between an employer and its employees where the employer agrees to provide one or more benefits for the employees and/or their families.

After years of your hard work, it is now time to review your financials to ensure you are achieving the financial freedom you deserve and enjoying a new stage in life.


This may have been converted to a participating life insurance with tax-saving features. The potential earned dividends within the policy that can be used to purchase additional life insurance or reduce your out-of-pocket premiums.


Reviewing your portfolio and making adjustments to ensure that your investment return is improving without increasing its risk. With our top in-house watch-list, we provide a portfolio suitable for each individual’s needs and risk tolerance.

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