Insured Annuity

Insured Annuity strategy is perfect for those who have entered into retirement or are approaching retirement. If you are cautious with your capital and prefer fixed-income investments, we recommend this strategy for you. It consist of two separate, but complementary products, which are:

  • a prescribed life annuity contract
  • an exempt permanent life insurance contract

The insured annuity strategy is specifically made for clients who:

  • have retirement assets invested in fixed income investments
  • express interest in preserving capital for heirs
  • want to maximize their after-tax on their retirement income

The insured annuity strategy offers:

  • guarantee income for life
  • preferential tax treatment of annuity income
  • permanent life insurance protection
  • the continuation of client control of their capital in a tax-advantaged life insurance policy
  • flexibility to change policy beneficiary, and coverage amount (subject to any underwriting requirements)
  • estate preservation from life insurance proceeds paid to beneficiaries at death (tax free)
  • eliminate probate fees on death benefit with named beneficiary other than the estate (not applicable in Quebec)

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