Foreign Trained Dentists
Manulife offers $3,500 disability insurance to dentists trained outside of Canada during the first year of practice.

Manulife: Issue Limits and Applicable Discounts
Categories Maximum Issue Limit
Foreign Trained Dentists $3,500

Features Of The Manulife Disability Insurance Product
Product Features Details
Contract Ownership
  • Policy is non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable
Premiums & Provisions
  • Guaranteed to age 65
Total Disability Benefit
  • 100% of the benefit will be payable
Future Insurability Frequency and Option Amount
  • ACE: 5% compounded annually increase without medical evidence. 60 days before policy anniversary
  • AIR: 20% increase every year to keep up with the income up to age 55
  • Double up option available at the first purchase
Return of Premium
  • Available
Claim Limitation
  • 100% of the disability benefit will be paid upon total disability disregard of the income earned
Reduced Disability
  • Option to choose between partial (loss of time or duties) and residual (loss of income) benefits
Long Term Care Conversion
  • Available
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