CDSPI vs Manulife
Manulife's disability insurance plan incorporates the Grad Advantage Program (GAP) to maximize benefits custom for students and new graduates. As a dental student or newly graduated dental student, your coverage is approved without any financial underwriting and the GAP discount is applied to your premium. This discount will be applicable to all the future coverage increases. For example: exercising the Additional Insurance Rider (AIR) or Automatic Coverage Enhancements (ACE).

The chart below outlines the issue limits alongside the discounts available accordingly.

Manulife: Issue Limits and Applicable Discounts
Categories Maximum Issue Limit Discount without CDSPI Discount with CDSPI
1st and 2nd year dental students $1,000 15% 15%
3rd year dental students $1,500 15% 25%
4th year dental students $3,000 15% 25%
6 month pre-grad or 1st year of practice
(not specializing)
$3,500 15% 25%
Dental Specialists: Residents $3,500 15% 25%
Dental Specialists: 6 month pre-grad or
1st year of practice
$4,500 15% 25%

CDSPI vs. Manulife
  CDSPI Manulife
Contract Ownership
  • Policy is cancellable and non-guaranteed renewable
  • Terms and condition can be changed without the consent of the insured member
  • Policy is non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable
Premiums & Provisions
  • Premium is increased every 5 years on birthday from age 25
  • Premium can be changed without the consent of the insured member
  • Guaranteed to age 65
Total Disability Benefit
  • Benefit can be lowered according to your income at claim time as opposed to paying out the full benefit
  • 100% of the benefit will be payable
Future Insurability Frequency and Option Amount
  • Must apply within 60 days of the date you attain 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 years of age or at special events if FIO has not been used in the previous 2 years, and only if actively practicing dentistry
  • 25% of the increase to the existing base coverage is allowed
  • ACE: 5% compounded annually increase without medical evidence. 60 days before policy anniversary
  • AIR: 20% increase every year to keep up with the income up to age 55
  • Double up option available at the first purchase
Return of Premium
  • Not Available
  • Available
Claim Limitation
  • Calculated based on average monthly income during the 24-month period prior to disability or by taking the highest average of monthly income for any 12 consecutive months in the 24-month period prior to the month in which the disability commenced
  • 100% of the disability benefit will be paid upon total disability disregard of the income earned
Partial Disability
  • Not Available
  • Option to choose between partial (loss of time or duties) and residual (loss of income) benefits
Long Term Care Conversion
  • Not Available
  • Available
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