Life Insurance Terms

Investment Terms


Absolute assignment

Transfers all the rights of the owner of the policy to another party

Accidental death insurance

The benefit amount of a life insurance policy that is only paid out due to the insured's death as a result of an accident.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Insurance that provides an amount, paid in the event of death or loss of one or more body parts, loss of eyesight, as a result of an accident.


An individual who serves as a sale/service representative of an insurance company. (Insurance Agent)


specified income payments within a contract that takes place in a contingent period.


A form that contains the applicant's information, the specified plan, amount requested, name of life insured and beneficiaries, and other relevant information.

Accrued interest

Interest that has been earned but not paid out.

Accumulation Plan (Systematic)

An arrangement which enables an investor to purchase investments such as mutual fund shares regularly in large or small amounts.

Annual Report

An audited financial report sent yearly to a publicly held firm's shareholders.

Ask price

An offer to sell a specific quantity of securities at a named price.


What a company or individual owns

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