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With its slower pace, summer is a great time to sit back and reflect. Are you happy with where you are in life, personally and professionally? Are there important goals that you have yet to achieve?

Or maybe you're perfectly content in your own life and would like to help others. Giving back to the community through charitable contributions of time, skills, or money can be very fulfilling.

So whether you're relaxing in your back yard, sipping a beverage at a sidewalk cafe, or hiking through nature, take a moment to think about what's really important to you. Then, come talk to us so we can start planning to help you reach your goals.
Invest through an insurance
policy? You bet!
The primary purpose of purchasing life insurance is to protect your spouse, children, or other dependants from financial hardship if you were no longer there to support them. Permanent life policies (universal and whole life), however, include an investment component as well as providing you with coverage for life. Even better, the investment growth generated is tax-free.

The premiums you pay for permanent insurance will be higher than the premiums for the same amount of term coverage. That's because part of every premium goes into the investment component of the policy, increasing its cash value.

Your policy's cash value has many potential uses:
  • Estate enhancement. The accumulated cash value can
  • be added to the tax-free death benefit, resulting in a larger benefit for your heirs.

  • Premium holiday. Some policies will allow you to use the cash value to cover some of the premiums, so if you face a temporary cash-flow shortfall, you don’t have to worry about possibly losing coverage for non-payment of premiums.

  • Extra retirement income. You can draw on the cash value or use it to secure a loan or line of credit to provide you with additional income in retirement. Note that cash withdrawals may be taxable and both strategies will reduce the amount of your coverage.
We'd be happy tell you more about the potential benefits of a permanent policy in your situation and provide a no-obligation quote.
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