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With summer only weeks away, it's tempting to forget about financial matters and look forward to sunny and warm days and a vacation.

But before the summer days set it, we invite you to get in touch with us for a review of your portfolio, particularly if there have been any changes in your circumstances. It makes sense to ensure everything is in order now so you can kick back and enjoy the summer season.

Also, if you received a tax refund this year, consider how you can put it to use wisely - perhaps by adding it to your RRSP or TFSA, or paying down debt. We can help you find the most appropriate solution.
You share a life together, so
why not share life insurance?
Couples looking to reduce life insurance costs may want to explore the possibilities of a joint term life policy.

The main attraction. A joint policy is a great way to make sure your family is covered should either partner pass away prematurely and will cost less in premiums than two individual policies. A joint first-to-die policy, for example, might be 10% to 20% lower in premiums than two individual term life insurance policies.

Who they're for. Because the insurance benefits are paid when the first spouse dies, joint first-to-die policies are best for those who will be financially comfortable after the death of the first spouse, without needing continued life insurance coverage. Joint policies are attractive for couples
who have shared financial obligations, such as a mortgage or the expenses of child-rearing.

It's all about coverage. Because the surviving spouse will be left uninsured, it’s essential that your joint life policy provide a sufficient payout to meet that spouse's financial needs well into the future and protect any dependent children in case that spouse also dies prematurely.

They're not for everyone. You should also be aware of the disadvantages of joint policies. For example, in the event of divorce, a joint policy can’t be split; two individual policies are easier to deal with.

We'd be happy to explore whether a joint term life policy is a good choice for meeting your family's life insurance needs.
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