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How to minimize
the “bicker factor”
We sometimes see cases in which the bulk of a person's estate is made up of a large, illiquid asset, typically the family home, a cottage, or a business. In situations where there is more than one beneficiary, it can be a real conundrum to determine how to divide everything without seeming to show favouritism. Even in close-knit families, these situations can cause serious tension. And if your family dynamic doesn't resemble The Waltons, well, it can be a recipe for long-term discord and relationship fractures.

A simple, elegant solution
One effective way to minimize potential conflicts is to use life insurance to equalize your estate and the value of the assets you plan to give to your heirs.

With a life insurance policy in
place, one beneficiary could get the asset (say the cottage) while another could receive an equivalent amount from the life insurance proceeds. Insurance also provides a source of cash to cover the tax bill that may arise when ownership is transferred.

Who pays?
It is becoming increasingly common for the beneficiaries of the assets (typically the family's adult children) to pay for the insurance coverage. After all, they're the ones who will inherit the assets, so it’s in their own best interests to minimize the taxes, expenses, and bickering.

Whether you are the owner of an indivisible asset or the potential beneficiary, come talk to us. We can show you how insurance can help make the transition easier for everyone.
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