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Safeguard your child's education savings
Opening a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) can be an effective way to help ensure that funds will be available for your child's postsecondary education. But what if you pass away before your child is able to use them?

You might think that the assets in the RESP would automatically pass to the person for whom the plan is intended (likely your child or grandchild). But that is not the case.

With most types of RESPs, those assets belong to the plan subscriber, not the plan's ultimate beneficiary. So in the event of your death, the proceeds become part of your estate

Fortunately, we can take steps now to make sure the money does not become de-registered. One solution is to set up your plan so you and
your spouse or commonlaw partner are joint subscribers. If one of you should die, the other can carry on as the plan’s sole subscriber.**

To safeguard the plan should you and your spouse die at the same time, make a clear statement about what you wish to happen to the RESP’s proceeds and name a successor subscriber in your will.
Talk to us to ensure the money will end up where it belongs: In the hands of your aspiring scholar.
** Please note that the concept of joint ownership with right of survivorship does not exist under Quebec Civil Law. If you live in Quebec, your executor would become subscriber or you could name a successor in your will.
The MONEY file
Time to assess year-end opportunities for tax-loss selling
As we approach year-end, many investors wonder about the merits of crystallizing their gains or losses for the current tax year. Of course, we would never recommend selling purely for tax purposes. But a strategic approach, with an eye on your overall financial picture, is always warranted.
For example, if you expect your income to take you into a higher bracket over the next few years, now might be a good time to take some of your gains. If you have capital losses carried forward from previous years, they can be used to reduce the tax hit further. Alternatively, you may want to consider triggering a capital loss to offset the gain.

Excess capital losses for 2014 can be carried back and applied against capital gains reported in the past three years or carried forward indefinitely. So if you are hanging on to some investments with a paper loss and you’re thinking of selling, now might be the time.

In either case, let’s not wait until the last minute. Let’s find some time to review your portfolio, assess your capital gains and losses, and decide whether it makes sense to crystallize them this year.
graphic evidence of how investing works
Is your portfolio ready for the Millennials?

Move over boomers and Gen-Xers: The Millennials are taking their place among the markets' game changers. "Millennials" is the nickname for the population cohort aged 18-34. In the U.S. alone, Millennials are predicted to outnumber the baby boomers (78 million versus 56 million) in just 15 years. And how they spend, live, and invest will affect the markets for generations to come, in the same way railways flourished with the war generation and Wal-Mart soared with the Boomers.
1 The Boston Consulting Group, bcg.perspectives, “How Millennials are changing the face of marketing forever,” Jan. 15, 2014
What matters to MillennialsInvestment sectors that could be affected
Hyper connectednessTechnology, social media, gadget makers
Working out, fitnessHealth food stores, athletic apparel companies
TravelAirlines, tour operators, resorts and spas
Adventure, excitementSpecialized/exotic tour planners, theme parks
WellnessVitamin and supplement producers, health food stores, organics
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