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Many Canadians have taken a wait-and-see view on economic recovery - not surprising given the impact of the financial crisis on jobs, securities prices, and personal lives.

But, even though it may be a long march to shake off memories of the bears, it's wise to watch for the variety of suitable investment opportunities to be had while other investors are lying low. A market downturn is an opportune time to be in the markets because prices are reduced.

Let's talk about keeping your portfolio well-poised to potentially capture the gains of an improving climate.
Start with the (life insurance)
end in mind
Stephen Covey, the late management guru, used to say that one of the main habits of highly effective people is that they "start with the end in mind." Covey suggested visualizing what a person would want their loved ones to say about him or her at his or her funeral, and using that insight to set and achieve life goals.

What are your goals?
Although Covey never mentioned insurance, one goal you probably have is to make sure that your loved ones are provided for when you are no longer there to look after them. With appropriate life insurance and an effective estate plan, you can achieve that goal.

Life insurance. Life insurance provides an immediate, tax-free payment to your named beneficiaries that can be used to care for dependents, cover any taxes that may arise upon your
death, pay for your kids' schooling, and so on.

Estate plan. An estate plan, including a will, is essential to help ensure that your assets are transferred quickly, easily, and tax-effectively to the people you want to receive them.

What is success?
With apologies to Covey, truly successful people are those who keep their own end in mind, but who do so while simultaneously making sure that their loved ones are provided for too, when that time comes. We can provide you with guidance on all of these things.

We'd be glad to review your present personal and financial situation, to exchange ideas about what you want to accomplish and to propose protection solutions that are right for you and those you will be leaving behind.
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