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The long, sunny days of summer are an ideal time to relax and reflect on your goals and how they might be evolving.

Whether you're looking longterm or near-term, saving for a new deck or for the future, I'm always available to review your options with you, and to discuss how any recent life changes may affect your portfolio.

We remain committed to helping you find ways to make investments work harder - even when you're taking a summer break.
What's your worst-case
There's a bestselling book called the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. It's a (mostly) light-hearted look at how to cope with extreme situations like getting out of quicksand or escaping from killer bees.

While you're not likely to find yourself needing to know how to wrestle an alligator (we hope!), it's a useful exercise to consider how your family would cope with a variety of real-world worst-case scenarios.

Death of a breadwinner. In addition to the emotional anguish, will your family be financially able to cope with the lost income? Who would pay for the mortgage, investment loans, credit cards, and other liabilities? What about money for the kids' education?

Death of a stay-at-home parent. The death of the family's caregiver brings its own dreadful trauma to
the survivors. While there may not be an income to replace, the financial impact of replacing that person's many roles can be devastating. And if the surviving spouse travels or does shift work, the cost of retaining childcare and domestic services could be onerous.

Life-threatening illness or disability within the family. If you were to become ill or disabled, not only would you be unable to earn an income, you might have to contend with medical expenses that aren't covered by provincial healthcare programs.

We earnestly hope that your family never has to face any of these situations. However, insurance can provide a safety net that takes the financial sting out of just about any worst-case scenario. Talk to us to learn more.
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