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  • Eric Ho
About Instructor Eric Ho

With a Bachelor of Commerce and a post-graduate certified in Wellness and Health Promotion, Eric has over 10 years of experience in the aquatics and recreation industry and is the owner of Echo First Aid, a first aid training company launched in 2010. He is also an Aquatic Supervisor for a large non-profit organization. He is a Lifesaving Society certified Swim Instructor Trainer, National Lifeguard, and First Aid Instructor. Eric has experience delivering first aid and CPR courses to clients across the province. Past clients include: health care professionals, small business owners, personal trainers, camp counsellors, caregivers, lifeguards and students.

About Echo First Aid -

Located in Markham, Ontario, Echo First Aid is looking to promote health and safety by providing first aid training services to the community. We expect our clients to have the most rewarding learning experience. Being rewarding means professional, unique, knowledgeable and fun.

Echo First Aid is an affiliate member with the Lifesaving Society and the certifications are approved by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

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