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"Buying an insurance policy which suits your short term and long term requirements is not an easy task. I believe it needs somebody who is knowledgeable enough to understand your needs and provide you with the best possible options. (...) I highly recommend Amy Tong to all of you."
- Dr. Gevik Malkhassian

"She is very patient and does not hard-sell something which you would regret later. Amy is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend her for all types of insurance needs."
- Dr. Jasdev Bhalla

"I have never met a harder working person than Amy Tong. Amy has a very professional approach, outstanding knowledge of the Insurance Industry's policies and plans, and endless enthusiasm for what she does." ( www.burnhamdental.ca )
- Dr. Brian Smith

"I am truly grateful for all the help and knowledge Amy has provided and I know that Amy will be a great help to anyone who wants to secure their future."
- Dr. Houra Saadat

"An insurance broker needs to be knowledgeable, genuine, compassionate, and accessible. I am proud and delighted to say that I am a client of Ms. Amy Tong who is above and beyond these qualities."
- Dr. Somayeh Nourian

"My first impression of Amy was that she was incredibly hard-working, knowledgeable, organized, professional, friendly and understood her client's needs."
- Dr. Catherine Chow

"I have a strong belief in her that not only she will keep all the information confidential, but also she will do her best to make it work for my very best interest."
- Dr. Janet Lee

"Amy took the time to sit down with me on several occasions to patiently explain to me everything I needed to know to make an informed decision."
- Dr. Patricia Liu

"I would recommend Ms. Tong highly, knowing that she will perform to her highest abilities to customize her services to you."
- Dr. D. Bololoi

"I would recommend anyone looking for an insurance agent who would really address your insurance needs, rather than just selling you a policy, to contact Amy. Pick her brain. One may find it a very valuable experience." ( www.drching.com )
- Dr. Winnie Ching

"From my experience, I can confidently say that Amy Tong is the type of individual that would go that extra mile to ensure things go smoothly."
- Dr. James JH Kim

"She did not try to sell us everything in sight. Amy also took the time to meet with me personally on several occasions and did not mind explaining the same things to me repeatedly, as insurance was a completely new area for me. "
- Dr. Mindy Lim

"Amy is a very hard-working and motivated insurance broker and her reputation as being knowledgeable and reliable is well-deserved. She is also very accessible and always gives prompt replies to phone calls."
- Dr. Yolanda Li

"Amy has been personally responsible for arranging a comprehensive insurance portfolio for both my husband and me. Amy arranged for different lines of products to ensure that we were covered for medical disability insurance, with products suitable for residency and post-residency."
- Dr. Emilie Lam

"I came to know Amy Tong through one of the insurance seminars at University of Toronto. (...) My husband and I would like to thank Amy for her outstanding services and look forward to continue working with her for the years to come."
- Dr. Priya Ramachandran

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